Kids' Menu

Children have very different tastes when it comes to food. Some want pancakes and ice cream while others prefer more grown-up flavors. That's why we always offer children's portions of some adult dishes while also offering pancakes with jam and cream, pancakes with ice cream, or a plain scoop of ice cream.

Dish Price incl. VAT  
Pancakes with jam & cream 79
Pancakes with ice cream 79
Ice cream plate, 3 scoops 79

When we are not open to the public, it is possible to book our beautiful restaurant for events. During the season, it is mainly available in the evening (after 6 pm). Off-season, both days and evenings are available.

We will also have our own events in the form of quizzes and wine tastings. Updates on these will be available under the news section.


We handle wedding dinners for 20-60 people. In collaboration with Kajkanten, we can also offer packages with overnight stays and breakfast the day after.

Celebration dinners

Whether it's a 50th birthday party or a christening, we can offer a variety of options, from coffee and cake to 7-course dinners with a tailored wine package. Here too, we accept 20-60 people.


To have a conference in the beautiful archipelago environment outside provides peace and inspiration. We provide coffee breaks and meals. We can also help with activities such as kayaking, island tours, and boat trips.

Christmas buffet

From November 27th to December 20th, 2023, we offer Christmas buffets for pre-booked groups. We are open when we have at least 20 people booked. If your group is smaller than 20, you can call and inquire about the days we can accommodate you.

Christmas buffet

The origin of the Swedish Smörgåsbord is the traditional Christmas buffet. In the olden days it would be served starting on Christmas Eve, after a busy December on the farm. When people started moving to the cities for work, it was impractical for many to prepare all the traditional dishes. Employers and clubs stepped in, offering employees and members a treat in the month preceeding Christmas. This is now a very strong tradition and the restaurants offering "Julbord" start receiving reservations in the beginning of August every year.

Even if it's dark when you arrive, the sea is just around the corner and constantly feels present. It's only about twenty steps from a cozy ferry trip that has taken you from Saltholmen, Stenpiren, or Lindholmen, so whether it's a snowstorm or calm, you will quickly feel the conviviality of the place. You will be greeted by a traditional Christmas buffet with an extra focus on fish and shellfish. Among the specialties that are rarely seen on Christmas buffets outside of Halland, we will have 'Långkål'.

Price: 695 SEK per person incl. VAT

Children ages 7-14: 349 SEK

Children under age 7: Free

On the beverage side, we offer beverage packages for pre-order. Drinks can also be purchased individually on site. We will have house-made schnapps in addition to the most popular commercial varieties.

Beverage package Styrsö:

  • Non alcoholic aperitif
  • 3 non alcoholic beverages

Price: 149 SEK incl. VAT

Beverage package Rivö:

  • 1 schnapps (5 cl)
  • 2 bottles of beer or 2 glasses of wine

Price: 349 SEK incl. VAT

Beverage package Valö:

  • Aperitif (Sparkling wine or glögg),
  • 1 schnapps (5 cl),
  • 3 bottles of beer or 3 glasses of wine

Price: 449 SEK incl. VAT

Beverage package Kungsö:

  • Aperitif
  • 1 schnapps
  • 3 bottles of beer or 3 glasses of wine
  • one beverage coupon that can be exchanged for any drink in the bar, eg. a digestif or an extra beverage with the meal.

Price: 549 SEK incl. VAT


We are open for private reservations and smaller groups the afternoon and evening sessions of Friday 8 December, Saturday 9 December, Sunday 10 December as well as Friday 15 December, Saturday 16 December and Sunday 17 December.

The rest of the time, between 27 November and 22 December we only accept pre-booked groups. In order for us to be open during a specific slot, we require a reservation with a minimum of 20 people. The venue accommodates a maximum of 60 guests. If we have a reservation for a slot that doesn't fill the venue, we can offer space for smaller groups simultaneously.

We adjust the times for our slots according to Stysöbolaget's schedule:


Mo-Fr 11:00 - 14:00
Sa 11:40 - 14:15
Su 11:30 - 14:45


Mo-Fr 14:15 - 17:00
Sa 14:30 - 17:00
Su 15:00 - 17:45


Mo-Fr 17:00 - 20:00
or 18:15 - 21:15
or 19:15 - 23:00
Sa 17:15 - 20:30
or 18:30 - 21:30
Su 18:00 - 20:45

In cooperation with Kajkanten Hotel, - we offer Julbord with an overnight stay at Vrångö.

For questions and reservations, please contact us at


Mail address
AB Tormunden
Mittviksvägen 4
430 83 Vrångö

0704 - 69 04 49
spamma inte

Non alcoholic

Beverage Price inc. VAT
Coca cola/Coca cola Zero 30
Fanta/Fanta Exotic 30
Sprite/Sprite Zero 30
Loka/Loka Citrus 30



Beverage Price inc. VAT
Les petites Jamelles Rouge 99/420


Beverage Price inc. VAT
Les petites Jamelles Rosé 99/420


Beverage Price inc. VAT
Les petites Jamelles Blanc 99/420
100 Hills Riesling 120/499
Nittnaus Chardonnay 168/705
Febre Chablis 183/730


Beverage Price inc. VAT
Clos amador cava 99/420
Prosecco 99/420


Beverage Price inc. VAT
S:t Eriks Lager 65
Budvar Czech Lager 67
Birra Moretti 75
S:t Eriks sour 85
Lagunitas IPA 87
Poppels London Dark Lager 87

Cider and RMD

Beverage Price inc. VAT
Smirnoff Ice 75
Sommersby Pear 65

Long drinks

Beverage Price inc. VAT
Aperol Spritz 109
Cuba Libre 125
Gin & Tonic 125
Mimosa 109

The restaurant Ternan is located at the ferry terminal for passenger ferries on Vrångö - the southernmost and, in our opinion, most beautiful inhabited island in the Gothenburg archipelago.

We are open to the public from 11 am to 6 pm from May to September 2024.

  • Wednesday - Sunday; May 12 - June 4
  • Tuesday - Sunday; June 4 - June 25
  • Monday - Sunday; June 26 - August 20
  • Wednesday - Sunday; August 21 - September 29


We have a relatively narrow selection of dishes with a focus on fish and seafood. Tasty vegan alternatives are also available. We also have a daily special that is not seafood-based. We work with a few high-quality dishes to minimize food waste.


We now have a selection of beer and wine. On the beer side, we focus on thirst quenchers for hot summer days, while on the wine side, we will have a wide range of white and sparkling wines as well as some rosés. As a summer restaurant, the selection of red wines is narrower, but we will have some real gems. Shortly there will be some long drinks suitable for hot summer days.

Coffee and Cake

We bake our own pies, buns, and cookies. We offer coffee and soft drinks to accompany them. We also have espressos and a quality assortment of teas.

Ice Cream

We have scoop ice cream, popsicles, and soft serve from SIA-glass in Slöinge. They make their ice cream from cream from their own farms.

Getting to Us

Boats depart from Saltholmen's pier approximately once an hour, somewhat less frequently in the evening. On summer days with extra passengers, Styrsöbolaget puts in extra ferries. Many go directly to Vrångö without any stops. The ferries take between 20 minutes and 1 hour depending on the ship model and number of stops along the way.

A couple of times a day, there is a boat from Stenpiren (sometimes with a stop at Lindholmen) to Saltholmen, where you usually have to switch to a connecting boat.

Västtrafik tickets for zone A apply.

Times and prices are available on the website of Västtrafik.

Public Transportation from Central Gothenburg

Bus 114 (Ö-snabben) runs from Brunnsparken via Stenpiren and Järnvågen to Saltholmen's pier Monday-Saturday, during the daytime. Takes about 20 minutes.

Tram 11 (and sometimes tram 9) runs from Brunnsparken via Järntorget and Majorna to Saltholmen. It takes 6 minutes to walk at a normal pace from the tram stop to the boats.

By Car

It is not possible to park at Saltholmen!! All spaces are either rented or reserved for commercial traffic only.

Therefore, passengers must be dropped off at Saltholmen. The driver drives the car to parking available at Långedrag or Hinsholmen, then taking the tram back to the pier.

The company behind Ternan is AB Tormunden. It is named after a small islet located west of Vrångö.

The team running the company consists of:

Anton Fältström CEO and head chef
Johanna Johansson Maître d'
Jacob Hallén Chairman of the board

Anton and Johanna run the restaurant as a couple. Jacob is the financier and works with strategic issues. He steps in when needed. Jacob and Anton met each other while studying to become sommeliers at Yrgo (the Vocational College of Gothenburg) in 2020-2021.

We have a team of happy young people helping us. Most of them are residents of the archipelago, and we are happy to provide them with summer jobs. Our goal is for everyone to learn all the different stations in the restaurant, not just scoop ice cream all day.

2023-04-27 We open 1 May

We are working frantically to get all the pieces of the puzzle in place. There will be food, fika and icecream available. Welcome!

2023-07-06 We have received our liquor licence

With our new liquor license we can offer beer, cider, wine and spirits. In the near future we will be offering a small selection of summer drinks, suitable for lazing around and watching the sea.

All of our ice cream comes from SIA Glass in Slöinge, Halland. The ice cream is made with cream from their own farms.

Scooped Ice Cream

We have 14 different flavors available at any given time. The most popular ones are always available, while the less popular ones change throughout the season.

Number of scoops Price incl. VAT
1 35
2 48
3 69
4 90
5 110

Pre-Packaged Items

If you prefer a pre-packaged cone, cup, or popsicle, we have those too.

We have the following flavors (subject to availability):

  • Large cone
  • Butterscotch
  • Juni - lactose and gluten-free
  • Lemon curd
  • Pistachio
  • Salted caramel
  • Candy sprinkle
  • Almond
  • Hilda
  • Licorice
  • White chocolate strawberry
  • Orange
  • Nougat
  • Nutty caramel without added sugar
  • Superhero pear
  • Chocolate cake
  • Ice Dream Salted Caramel
  • Raspberry popsicle
  • Cola popsicle
  • Sweetie
  • Ice cream boat
  • Ice cream sandwich
  • Summer ice cream boat of the year
  • Vanilla popsicle

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft serve ice cream will be available as soon as we learn how to operate the machine.